Saturday, May 06, 2006 

The Short List

I have just watched an amazing movie called The Secret. It is very similar to What The Bleep in that it discusses how our thoughts create our reality; that the reality that we possess now is only one reality. We are only limited by where we choose to go with our thoughts.

One of the fundamentals of applying The Secret is gratitude. By being thankful for what we have, we are able to create more of it. Here are a few things I am grateful for:

  • A husband with an amazing sense of humor
  • A daughter who is, herself, a product of our visualizations
  • An amazing home in an ideal neighborhood
  • Yellow tulips in my front yard
  • Grass seedlings sprouting on my lawn
  • High speed Internet
  • A king-size bed
  • A mother who is my best friend
  • A father who passed to me an incredible passion and intensity
  • A sister who takes joy in small things and possesses great generosity and undying love
  • A brother who unconsciously causes life to spontaneously unfold ahead of him
  • Another brother who changed all of what we thought was ideal
  • Grandparents who demonstrated passion, intensity, flair for living and generosity of love
  • In-laws who truly love their children and see their grandchild for the miracle she is
  • Vehicles that run and have ample space
  • A garbage disposal that works
  • A laptop computer
  • Ample referrals so that I will win my ipod and camera
  • Friends with wit and insight
  • Online money-making opportunities that allow for small risk and large pay-offs
  • A place to write how I feel
  • French onion chip dip
  • Intelligence to apply these processes
  • Clothes that suit and flatter my body
  • Cable television
  • Toys for my baby
  • Masses of women who are empowered and who are strong
  • My outgoing nature
  • My ability to make people laugh
  • My love of music
  • Hiking in the woods
  • Peace; stillness
  • My daughter's laughter
  • Making my husband laugh
  • Being able to understand a concept
  • Ability to change my life through visualization

About me

  • I'm Sara
  • From United States
  • I consider myself to be a storyteller and often draw upon my everyday experiences in order to create stories. I grew up in a commune.
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