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Wednesday, April 12, 2006 

Dangers of Everyday Life

I was reading my friend, Camille's, blog the other day and was reminded of an experience from my childhood.  I grew up in Texas, in an extremely rural area (think tumbleweeds and tarantulas) and we had a lot of snakes - including, but not limited to, rattlesnakes and moccasin snakes.  In fact, we had so many encounters with rattlesnakes that we actually owned an ice pick, not for dealing with ice, but for....um...."dealing with" rattlesnakes.  I remember several near-miss experiences that we always discussed with a sort of reverence; referring to God as saving us from these snakes.  One such situation included my sister (around 3-4 years old at the time) running playfully down a path and just sort of stepping over the feared snake lying in the middle of the trail.  Later on, my mother would shake her head with a mixture of fear and relief and we recounted the story.  I definitely grew up with a healthy fear of the creatures.
I also remember often driving on a bridge that went over a river.  The dirt was red and the river seemed to be always just short of a true river; drought usually made the water recess.  At some point or another, my parents warned us that there was quicksand on the banks of that river.  They may have only mentioned that in passing, but it was burned on our brains as if they recited it daily.  After we moved from Prayertown in Texas, I remember hearing that one of my best friends had run away from home and was found walking down that same road; over that same bridge.  I instantly had an eerie vision of her sinking into the sand, arms reaching up for help.   
They also told us that there were moccasin snakes in that river and that if they bit you, your tongue would swell so as to cover your throat, thereby suffocating you.  I always had a picture in my mind of a person's tongue getting bigger and bigger as their eyes started to pop out of their sockets; brains consumed by the knowledge that they were going to die soon.  We were always warned to stay away from that water because the dangers were unspeakable, and we lived several hours away from the nearest hospital.  To this day, I sometimes unconsciously hold my tongue between the roof of my mouth and my lower teeth just to assure myself that it has remained the same thickness as ever. 
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