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Monday, March 27, 2006 

Hope For The Future

Today was a beautiful day. It was probably around 50 degrees and sunny. The baby and I went for a hike with our friend A. and her son. I was actually hot while hiking (although I did have a baby on my back). It was amazing to see that although the ground looks dead, the crocuses are coming up and I can see hints of spring. There are buds on the trees and little pieces of grass sprouting.

This put me in the mood to surf the Internet looking at flowers. You see, I can’t really afford to purchase flowers every week, but I like to brighten the day by looking at beautiful bouquets online. Anyway, today I found these beautiful Easter flowers online and I began to feel totally inspired. Easter has always made me think of newness and life. I think of Easter lilies and beginnings.

And I think the point of all this is that I’m seeing all of these starts, and they are really helping me gain some hope for the future. I love Spring.

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