Saturday, May 06, 2006 

The Short List

I have just watched an amazing movie called The Secret. It is very similar to What The Bleep in that it discusses how our thoughts create our reality; that the reality that we possess now is only one reality. We are only limited by where we choose to go with our thoughts.

One of the fundamentals of applying The Secret is gratitude. By being thankful for what we have, we are able to create more of it. Here are a few things I am grateful for:

  • A husband with an amazing sense of humor
  • A daughter who is, herself, a product of our visualizations
  • An amazing home in an ideal neighborhood
  • Yellow tulips in my front yard
  • Grass seedlings sprouting on my lawn
  • High speed Internet
  • A king-size bed
  • A mother who is my best friend
  • A father who passed to me an incredible passion and intensity
  • A sister who takes joy in small things and possesses great generosity and undying love
  • A brother who unconsciously causes life to spontaneously unfold ahead of him
  • Another brother who changed all of what we thought was ideal
  • Grandparents who demonstrated passion, intensity, flair for living and generosity of love
  • In-laws who truly love their children and see their grandchild for the miracle she is
  • Vehicles that run and have ample space
  • A garbage disposal that works
  • A laptop computer
  • Ample referrals so that I will win my ipod and camera
  • Friends with wit and insight
  • Online money-making opportunities that allow for small risk and large pay-offs
  • A place to write how I feel
  • French onion chip dip
  • Intelligence to apply these processes
  • Clothes that suit and flatter my body
  • Cable television
  • Toys for my baby
  • Masses of women who are empowered and who are strong
  • My outgoing nature
  • My ability to make people laugh
  • My love of music
  • Hiking in the woods
  • Peace; stillness
  • My daughter's laughter
  • Making my husband laugh
  • Being able to understand a concept
  • Ability to change my life through visualization

Wednesday, April 26, 2006 

Nauseating News

Police Want To Know Who's Dumping Bags Of Vomit

POSTED: 7:37 am CDT April 26, 2006
Sheriff's deputies in Iowa are in the midst of a disgusting investigation.

Deputies in Henry County are trying to find the person who is dumping bags of what looks like human vomit.

Deputy Dan Wesley said they've found as many as 50 garbage bags containing regurgitated food over the last three years. He said it's pretty weird.

They've sent some samples to a lab for analysis, but Wesley said they haven't gotten any DNA yet.
Wesley said they just hope whoever is doing it will stop.
Originally posted at; Copyright 2006 by The Associated Press.
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Monday, April 17, 2006 

Back To My Roots

Recently I was reviewed by another blog site.  The review was quite blunt; scathing, in fact.  It was a major hit to my confidence, but it really became a catalyst for my thoughts. 
I've been thinking for some time that I needed to do something to jump-start my writing.  I've talked to Nick about this a lot and, time after time, he has reminded me that I  need to be doing writing just to do it - not to make money.  While I've known this to be true, I've been sluggish in really "getting" it.  It seems that I've spent so much time researching what I need to do in order to make money through writing, that my content has taken a down-slide. 
So the other day, following that awful review, Nick and I had another heart-to-heart about my blogs.  He really laid it out there again, saying that if writing didn't inspire me and give me life, then I needed to step back and find out why.  He reminded me of why I write.  I don't write because it brings me big bucks (or even ANY bucks), and I certainly don't put together SEO articles or anything to that effect.  I write because it's a catharsis, and because sometimes writing, for me, is easier than talking.
You'll notice the change in template and the lack of ads.  I'm going back to the basics.  I need to just write for awhile and let the rest follow as it will.  I'm not going to force this.  Bear with me as I figure this out - again.
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Wednesday, April 12, 2006 

Dangers of Everyday Life

I was reading my friend, Camille's, blog the other day and was reminded of an experience from my childhood.  I grew up in Texas, in an extremely rural area (think tumbleweeds and tarantulas) and we had a lot of snakes - including, but not limited to, rattlesnakes and moccasin snakes.  In fact, we had so many encounters with rattlesnakes that we actually owned an ice pick, not for dealing with ice, but"dealing with" rattlesnakes.  I remember several near-miss experiences that we always discussed with a sort of reverence; referring to God as saving us from these snakes.  One such situation included my sister (around 3-4 years old at the time) running playfully down a path and just sort of stepping over the feared snake lying in the middle of the trail.  Later on, my mother would shake her head with a mixture of fear and relief and we recounted the story.  I definitely grew up with a healthy fear of the creatures.
I also remember often driving on a bridge that went over a river.  The dirt was red and the river seemed to be always just short of a true river; drought usually made the water recess.  At some point or another, my parents warned us that there was quicksand on the banks of that river.  They may have only mentioned that in passing, but it was burned on our brains as if they recited it daily.  After we moved from Prayertown in Texas, I remember hearing that one of my best friends had run away from home and was found walking down that same road; over that same bridge.  I instantly had an eerie vision of her sinking into the sand, arms reaching up for help.   
They also told us that there were moccasin snakes in that river and that if they bit you, your tongue would swell so as to cover your throat, thereby suffocating you.  I always had a picture in my mind of a person's tongue getting bigger and bigger as their eyes started to pop out of their sockets; brains consumed by the knowledge that they were going to die soon.  We were always warned to stay away from that water because the dangers were unspeakable, and we lived several hours away from the nearest hospital.  To this day, I sometimes unconsciously hold my tongue between the roof of my mouth and my lower teeth just to assure myself that it has remained the same thickness as ever. 
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Tuesday, April 11, 2006 

Almighty Google

Well I'm back, but I'm hesitant to say so since I just feel so sucked of creativity lately.  I know, I know, it's the same old thing every time.  I would blame it on Mercury Retrograde again because I've been reading a few other blogs and they seem to be having the same problem, but unfortunately the Retrograde is over and we are left excuse-less. 
I did want to mention that I received a "warning" from Almighty Google saying that my blogs were receiving "false impressions."  Apparently it's not a good idea to enroll your blog in a program like Blog Explosion because you are basically generating false hits.  I don't exactly agree with this because although I know some advertisers do pay a very minute amount for impressions, the vast majority only charge for clicks.  In my mind, a click is a click (unless of course it's click fraud, but that's another story).  If a person is interested in an ad on my page and therefore, clicks on it, that is a legitimate click - whether they are coming by way of Blog Explosion or by way of search engine.  I would also be interested to see how many people received this warning.  I have navigated Blog Explosion and Blogmad and have seen countless blogs with Google Adsense on them. 
Regardless of what I think, I obviously don't make the rules so I have removed my blogs from any program that could give them "false impressions."  I am, however, still trying to wrap my brain around the situation -- but I guess there are whole blogs about this.  It's a bit discouraging though because it puts me right back at square one, making .16 per day and at a loss as to how to bring in traffic.  At least my mother still reads.
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